Assignment Prompts

Students choose to respond to 3 blog prompts.  They craft a blog post that includes multimedia (and may experiment with multimodality).  Blogs ask students to make arguments in context.  Students must also make a minimum of 4 detailed blog responses on peer blogs from the course. All blogs are posted on students’ own WordPress blog, which will be linked to my master blog.

Blog 1 Prompt
Blog 2 Prompt
Blog 3 Prompt
Blog 4 Prompt
Blog 5 Prompt
Blog 6 Prompt

Lots of discussion will happen during class sessions and students will be given points based on their “class presence” (see Class Presence Rubric).  Some discussion will also happen through our virtual discussion board in Moodle.

Forum 1
Forum 2
Forum 3
Forum 4
Forum 5

There are 2 essays in this course that students will write independently.  Students will need to choose from a variety of options to decide what to write about.  Clear rubrics are attached to each prompt. Papers are uploaded to Moodle in .doc or .docx format. For help with writing essay, students are urged to utilize my videos on writing in my YouTube Writing Overview Series.

Essay 1
Essay 2

Collaborative Project
Students work in small groups for the collaborative project, which includes a contract, abstract, annotated bibliography, rough draft, and multimodal essay (a digital text).  As part of this project, students also write a letter, independently, outlining their group’s dynamic and reflecting on their own performance in the group.

Reflective Letter



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