Sequence Three

We have finished the major readings for the course!  Congratulations!  In our final sequence we turn to collaborative writing as an expression of what we have learned about DH and hypertextuality.  Here we work in small groups to create several important documents, including a contract, bibliography, abstract, reflective letter, and your own digital text.

April 20 — Light Work Load
Group Contract Workshop
Submit Group Contract

April 22 — Light Work Load
Regular class session is cancelled
Groups meet on their own

April 25 — Light Work Load
Submit Abstract

April 27 — Light Work Load
Submit Annotated Bibliography

April 29 — Light Work Load
In-Class Drafting Workshop

May 2 — Medium Work Load
In-Class Draft Workshop
Submit Rough Draft

May 4 — Medium Work Load
Group Workshop

May 6 — Heavy Work Load
Submit Essay 3
Submit Reflective Letter


Thanks for a great semester, team!


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