Learning how to use your learning resources is an essential skill to moving forward with your academic goals. Come prepared to each class by acquiring the materials noted below from the Landmark Bookstore or other favorite source.

  • Danielewski, Mark. House of Leaves. 2nd Edition. New York: Pantheon, 2000. Print.
  • Moodle. Landmark College. (Some readings are found through Moodle)
  • Optional technology as needed for help with:
Reading Writing Note-Taking Organization

Read & Write Gold


Chome Spreed

Chome Clearly

Natural Reader

Sensus Access




Writing Series

Smart Pen




Good Notes


My Homework Schedule Template Schedule Maker


Graded Category Total Percent
Traditional/Virtual Discussion

In-Class Writing

Multimodal/Multimedia Blogs

Essay 1: The Value of DH

Essay 2: Mapping HOL

Collaborative Project:



Annotated Bibliography


Essay 3: Creating Digital Text

Reflective Letter












Total 100%


Meditation Sessions

At the start of most class sessions I will take 5-10 minutes to do various “grounding” meditation exercises in an effort to help students to overcome anxiety, panic, stress, and other emotional challenges.  Students are invited to wait outside of the classroom if any of these activities feel uncomfortable.  A sign will be posted outside the door indicating special instructions for students who do not want to participate, or those arriving late.

Time Commitment

This 3000-level course requires that students spend 10 hours per week on coursework, or 2 hours per day M-F.  If much more or less time is spent each week then this should be brought to my attention immediately.

Required Reading

Reading assignments are generally 25-30 pages per session, or up to 75 pages per week. However with House of Leaves some assignments may be longer due to pages that are empty or half-full, or images. Also, reading load may be much less due to writing assignments.

Traditional/Virtual Discussion

Lots of discussion will happen during class sessions and students will be given points based on their “class presence” (see Class Presence Rubric).  Some discussion will also happen through our virtual discussion board in Moodle (see Course Schedule for dates).  Instructions for these deliverables are posted directly in the forums.

In-Class Writing

Writing assignments given in class are designed to help students to hone skills along the “line of inquiry.” Writing is submitted under the “In-Class Writing” link in Moodle or hand-written.

Multimodal/Multimedia Blogs
Students choose to respond to 3 blog prompts.  They craft a blog post that includes multimedia (and may experiment with multimodality).  Blogs ask students to make arguments in context.  Students must also make a minimum of 4 detailed blog responses on peer blogs from the course. All blogs are posted on students’ own WordPress blog, which will be linked to my master blog.


There are 2 essays in this course that students will write independently.  Students will need to choose from a variety of options to decide what to write about.  Clear rubrics are attached to each prompt. Papers are uploaded to Moodle in .doc or .docx format. For help with writing essay, students are urged to utilize my videos on writing in my YouTube Writing Overview Series.

Collaborative Project

Students work in small groups for the collaborative project, which includes a contract, abstract, annotated bibliography, rough draft, and multimodal essay (a digital text).  As part of this project, students also write a letter, independently, outlining their group’s dynamic and reflecting on their own performance in the group.


To plagiarize is to give the impression that a thought or a piece of writing is original, when, in fact, it is borrowed from another without providing a reference. The minimum penalty for plagiarism is no credit (recorded as a zero for the purpose of determining the student’s course grade) for the unit of work in which plagiarism occurs unless the professor deems the specific nature of the infraction allows for a revised submission of the assignment for credit. The maximum penalty for first offense plagiarism is a failing grade for the course in which the plagiarism occurs. In cases of repeated offense, suspension or expulsion from Landmark may be imposed at the discretion of the Academic Dean’s office and the President. No opportunity may be granted to make up or otherwise fulfill the requirements of the unit of work involved. A student suspended from Landmark may not transfer to Landmark any course credits earned at other institutions during the period of suspension. . Read our official statement on plagiarism here.


Landmark College requires attendance in all classes, to ensure intensive and consistent instruction. In addition, because classes are small, the absence of one or more students may affect the learning of the entire class. Students who miss classes may be subject to academic disciplinary action as described in the Administrative Withdrawal Policy and the Student Handbook. I expect students to show up for each class. Exceptions can be made based on individual circumstances. Read about our Attendance Policy and impact on grading here.


Landmark College is a safe environment to experiment with alternative or unique approaches to accomplishing the assigned work and meeting the course outcomes. I welcome students to work in any medium or with any accommodations that they feel will increase success.  This may include: making videos or podcast as part of the writing process, recording class sessions for reviewing, large print media, etc.  Read our official statement of accommodations here.

Late Work and Revisions

Late work is accepted up to 3 days after the due date at a reduction of 10% per day.  After the 3rd day (on the fourth day), late work will receive a zero.  Students may petition for a rewrite on any writing assignment by emailing me directly with (1) a plan of revision and; (2) a date by which they will complete the revision.  I may either approve or reject the request.  If a student’s petition is accepted and s/he does not submit by the outlined date, then the grade will remain the same.

Class Cancelation

Official notice of class cancellations and faculty absences is generally posted at 8 a.m. each day during the academic year on the college’s intranet and also the door of the College’s Business Office. Please use this link to access information about daily cancellations and faculty absences.

MLA Style

We will employ Modern Language Association (MLA) Citation Style in this course. Students can visit Purdue University’s Owl Site for the basics of MLA format. For further reading on policies related to students, see the Student Handbook.


Twitter is a useful platform that we can use to communicate in this course.  I urge you to post general questions, questions for discussion, observations, interesting tidbits, concerns, etc. to Twitter by using our course hashtag #landmarkmccollum.   (Note that this hashtag is used for all of my courses.)

Drake Center for Academic Support

The Drake Center for Academic Support (DCAS) endeavors to connect students with faculty for help with their academic work. Find DCAS in the East Academic Building, 1st floor (M-Th 11:30am – 9:30pm/Friday to 4:30pm/Sunday 6:30pm – 9:30pm). Making appointments is generally recommended and is best accomplished by three methods (in order of efficacy): drop by, call (802.387.6839), or email (

Counseling and Health Services

For some students – especially those whose psychological, mental, or emotional challenges can create struggles in academia – pairing the tips and practices of the classroom with insights and practices from the Counseling and Health Services as well as Coaching Services can produce the greatest growth.


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