Collaborative Project Contract

Access the Contract file here.


Names of group members:



Review the Collaborative Project Overview before filling out this form. This “group contract” will be used for two purposes: (1) to make sure that every member of the group has a clear sense of the group’s goals and their own role in reaching those goals; (2) to clearly define goals, approaches, and roles so that I can fairly evaluate the work that is done.  To fill out the contract, engage in a conversation about each of the following topics:




Every project must have a very specific, refined, and unique scope.  Work with your group to identify the context of your project.  As we’ve discussed in class, the context should be very narrow. Write it below:






Every team members needs to a clear set of roles.  Several members may share a role, may have more than one role, and there may be roles that are not filled, depending on your group’s vision for this project. Decide which roles will need to be filled, and who will fill them by writing the member’s name(s) in the space.




Annotated Bibliography Writer(s):

MLA Editor(s):

Section Writers (identify sections and who is responsible):


First Draft Editor:

Final Draft Editor:

Technology Specialist:

Other Role:


During our in-class workshops, groups will need to utilize time smartly and effectively.  Consult the Course Schedule. Set down the primary goals that your group wants to achieve for each session.

April 20:         Decide groups and context; complete contract together

April 22:             _________________________________________________________________________________

April 25:             _________________________________________________________________________________

April 29:            _________________________________________________________________________________

May 2:              _________________________________________________________________________________

May 4:             _________________________________________________________________________________

May 6:                         _________________________________________________________________________________


You will have a total of 7 class sessions to work with your group on this project. However, groups will most likely need to communicate outside of class when needed. Circle all options that your group would like to utilize for communication, outside of the classroom.  Exchange appropriate information with team members.

Landmark Email                                Moodle Discussion Board                              Skype Conference Calls

Meetings on Campus                         Phone/Text                                                    Other:_________________



I, the undersigned, pledge to perform the duties which we outlined in class today to the best of my ability. I agree that I am able to meet the objectives of my role as we have defined them as a group. I am aware that I will be evaluated by my peers for my performance as a member of this team, and that their evaluation will play a role in my final grade.