Forum 2

Main Posts Due February 15, before class
No Peer Response  


This forum asks that you create a document collaboratively with your peers, sentence-by-sentence, based on my two videos for Monday: “What is the Academic Genre?” and “The Line of Inquiry.”  Similarly to what we did in class together in Week 2, you will compose a reference document that outlines what you feel are the major points.  You may include definitions, explanations, illustrations, quotes, examples, questions, etc. to get these main posts across.  Here’s how to play: There are two separate wikis this week – one for the topics of each video.  You must make one main post of approximately 100 words in each wiki forum.  Your job is to write a blurb that includes any of the above information to help construct a reference document.  But you cannot repeat points made in previous posts; your post must bring something new to the table.